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New Signing: Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while. I hope you all are well, staying sane, and reading something great.

I have completed my Kickstarter for my new SF&F novel and I couldn’t be happier with it. So many of you ordered a copy and I’m going to have one fun time shipping out all of the books! So thank you. And if you missed out on ordering a copy of The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey, I will be posting a different way to order one. Details coming soon.

Now, on to today’s announcement. I am pleased to say that Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson will be signing copies of the new novel Dune: Duke of Caladan. I’ve known these guys a long time and I’ve known about this book for over a year. I’ve had to hold my tongue. Now I get to offer it here for you. But not only that… I’m doing something different. My Kickstarter had other items of merchandise included in it. I thought, “Let’s do that with Dune: Duke of Caladan.” I’m doing it!

First, the title page will not be signed. I am having Brian and Kevin sign the dust jacket. Easier to ship through the mail. Easier for the authors to handle. And just as cool in my opinion. When I receive the dust jackets back, I will put a protective sleeve over them called a Brodart to protect the signatures. Then mail them out. But that’s not all. Orders will include a $14.99 pin based on next year’s Dune movie (yes, the movie moved due to COVID)! So you get a book, a brodart, and a pin for $50.

If this does well, I’ll reach out to other authors in these COVID times and see about doing something similar. Feel free to be vocal about all of this. The good, the bad, the ugly. Because feedback keeps this place going!

Only 100 copies are available. And I may be working on getting the Dune: House Atreides comic book adaptation too… just so you know. Ha!

Best Spice Wishes,

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