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Shipping Update: Dune, Hobb, Novik

Happy Monday, Readers!

Just a quick update on what is going on with The Signed Page. In short, there are several signings that are outstanding and I’m simply awaiting for the signings to happen. Here is an update:

Dust jackets for A Deadly Education signed by Naomi Novik have been mailed to her. I am awaiting their return.

Today I am removing dust jackets from Dune: Duke of Caladan and will be mailing them to Kevin J. Anderson tomorrow. Kevin always signs fast and then he will mail them to Brian Herbert. So we are still several weeks away on this one, I’m afraid. Apologies I did not get to the dust jackets sooner.

And for the various Robin Hobb books, Megan and I are simply trying to find a good time to sign. She has a family member who is currently ill and she doesn’t want to spread anything to my family. Hope we can get together in the next week. Will know more soon on that front.

Stay safe by staying home and reading a good book!

With Magic,

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