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2021 Signings & Kickstarter

Hi Everyone,

Wow, it has been a long time since I updated this blog! That’s how busy I’ve been, I guess!

Just a few things I want to mention. I’ve just ordered copies of Small Magic by Terry Brooks, The Illustrated Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb, and Wild Sign by Patricia Briggs. These all publish in March and that’s when they will be signed and shipped.

Indomitable on the Kickstarter!

I believe The Illustrated Assassin’s Quest is already on its way to me. Small Magic will be right after that. And I’ll get them both signed and shipped out first. Wild Sign publishes later in the month and copies are having to be sent to Patricia Briggs directly for signing. Then I have to go pick them up four hours away. So shipping those out might be delayed a bit but I’m going to get it done as fast as I can.

What’s on my 2021 of signed books after those? I have quite a few that will be signed on the dust jacket or on tip-ins bound into the book. Child of Light will be signed on title page. Here is a list of those I will be posting for pre-order soon:

  • The Wisdom of Crowds by Joe Abercrombie
  • Child of Light by Terry Brooks
  • Leviathan Falls by James S. A. Corey
  • Dune: The Lady of Caladan by Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson
  • Goblin by Josh Malerman
  • The Last Graduate by Naomi Novik
  • Sidewinders by Robert V.S. Redick
  • Fugitive Telemetry by Martha Wells
  • The Book of Accidents by Chuck Wendig

Any of those make you interested? Anything else you’d like me to look into? Let me know the title and author!

I want to mention one more cool thing going on. Terry Brooks and I have launched a Kickstarter in support of special editions of The Scions of Shannara and the short story Indomitable. There are tiers for everyone. Those who love The Signed Page might like the first and second tiers. Tier 1 is $50 and it features a signed and illustrated copy of The Scions of Shannara. Tier 2 is $75 and it features the signed Scions along with a signed and illustrated copy of Indomitable.

Hope you are well! More news soon!


25 thoughts on “2021 Signings & Kickstarter

  1. Hi Shawn!
    I would LOVE to get a signed copy of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern!!
    Any chance the almighty web druid can make that happen?! 😁

    1. You are about 10 years too late. I had Erin for a signing back then. Your best bet to find a signed copy now would be or Happy hunting!

    2. Hey! You can get signed and personalized copies of Night Circus and Starless Sea @

    3. I take it The Last Graduate will be up for pre-order in May or June cause of the delayed release. No problem but just trying to budget. Thank you. Don

  2. Any chance there will be a signed 10th anniversary edition of The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss? I believe March marks it’s 10th anniversary. Thanks for, hopefully, looking into it

    1. I don’t see one in the works. But it’d be nice if there was one to match up with the 10th Name of the Wind. The problem? I know Dan Dos Santos is crazy busy so he likely wouldn’t be available for interiors like he did for Wind.

      1. If Dan Dos Santos isn’t available would there be any other artists willing to illustrate? This would be a huge disappointment not to see a companion to the 10th anniversary edition of Name of the Wind. Understandable but a bummer. Thank you.

        1. I’m sure there are hundreds of artists who would love to work on such a book.

  3. There are rumors of new Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman Dragon Lance books. Any chance for signed copies of those when they come out?

    1. I hope so. Will definitely try!

  4. Any chance The Desert Prince gets a signed page distribution?

  5. Any chance The signed page will be selling signed copies of The Desert Prince this August?

  6. Tad Williams is releasing The Navigator’s Children and Brother of the Wind this year. I’d love to get signed copies of those two novels.

    1. I know Brother of the Wind will likely publish later this summer or fall. I bet Children gets pushed into 2022. But yes, these are two books that are at the top of my priority list for signings. I’m even going to have to travel to Tad’s home probably to get it done — but worth it!

  7. So I became a backer on Kickstarter for the Scions of Shannara special edition. I pledged at the 2nd tier level $75. So I’m interested in adding on the 3 coin set that will be ready for add on early March. So how does one add on? If the coins are being added on in March but the card is being charged 2/28/2021 before one can add on, how does that work?
    I went to Kickstarter and tapped manage but don’t how to increase my pledge $30.
    Thank you for your great merchandise .

    1. Kickstarter charges you for what you pledged on Kickstarter. The Add-On store is on So your credit card is charged once from Kickstarter and then later again on BackerKit to pay for shipping and any add-ons you want. Hope that makes sense.

  8. What about signed books by N.K. Jemisin or Nnedi Okorafor? The titles that jump immediately to mind are The Fifth Season and Binti, but both authors also have newer books. Remote Control by Okorafor came out at the end of January and Jemisin’s The City We Became came out last year. Thank you for considering it.

    1. I had Nora’s book on The Signed Page last year. I would love to have Nnedi’s new book because I’m really excited to read it. I’ll do my best.

  9. WIll there be a chance of signed copies of “SLewfoot” by Brom later this year?

  10. I am very excited for “the leviathan wakes” I loved tge whole series. Also going to be looking at the kickstater.

  11. Hi, Shawn.
    Please talk Mark Lawrence into doing omnibuses of Book of the Ancestor and Impossible Times.

    Also, Peter McLean is just finishing up his way under recognized but fabulous, War for the Rose Throne series, so it may be a while before you can do anything, but I would love to have those books in a special signed set.

    1. Yes, Grim Oak Press will be doing an omnibus of Nona’s story.

      1. Excellent! Put me down for one!

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