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Shipping Now: Hobb, Brooks, Briggs

Hi Everyone,

I hope this finds everyone doing well.

Sadly, I am being bombarded by people asking about their Hobb, Brooks, and Briggs books and why their particular order hasn’t shipped yet. This doesn’t help me. At all. I have 2000 books to ship out, I’m one man, and I can ship out about 200 books a day. That’s it. So writing asking me where your book is only slows me down. As you can tell, I’m super frustrated by all of the emails, over 100 so far. I’m working every minute of my waking day shipping books. I should be done with the Hobb books by Friday — just have multiple orders left. And I’ve done a number of Brooks as well. Briggs will begin after both of those previous two authors are completed.

Some of you may not have ordered from me before. Needless to say, when your order ships, you will receive an email with tracking number to the email address on the order. No need to write me. You will be told when your order ships.

So please be patient. I don’t think I’ve had three major book signings happening in the same week before. Daunting, to be sure.

More soon,

14 thoughts on “Shipping Now: Hobb, Brooks, Briggs

  1. As a long time buyer from the Signed Page I can attest to the fact that Shawn will get your book mailed out just as soon as he is able. Thank you Shawn for all of your hard work.

  2. Hang in there Shawn, you are loved and appreciated.

  3. If I lived nearby I’d drop by and give you a hand. Unfortunately I’m in NH.
    Don’t make yourself crazy.
    It won’t get done any quicker.
    Stay healthy.

  4. I received my Brooks e-mail on 3-16-2021. Thank you for the update. I have been a long time customer and have never had problems with my orders.. Thank you for your hard work..

  5. I feel for you Shawn – you’re doing a great job . I guess I’m guilty as well ! As my Dad used to say “Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down”
    Keep up the good work mate
    Brisbane , Australia

  6. Because of the COVID printing slowdown we all had to wait extra months for Small Magic. A few more days for shipping is nothing, not even small. I got my order has shipped notice and look forward to getting something fun in the mail beside bills and flyers.

    Have some fun this St Patrick’s day and don’t let our overwrought world wear you down.

  7. So sorry to hear people are not being patient! 😕. Thank you for the update though. 🙏. Tuesdays can be rough as the are big release dates. ❤️

  8. You’re doing fantastically!

  9. Hobb, Brooks and Briggs will be the title of our new law firm! Sounds really official, doesn’t it?

    And sympathy on the shipping woes!

  10. Was starting to wonder about my order as I’ve only ordered from you once before and its still processing after a week so thank you for the update its appreciated and thank you for working so hard.

  11. Leave the man alone!!

  12. Thanks for all of your hard work, Shawn! Looking forward to receiving the book whenever it gets shipped out, and hope that you are able to get some rest during this time.

  13. I know you’re tired of hearing about this, but was wondering about my books. I haven’t received any notifications of any kind about the status of my books. I ordered two of the new Patricia Briggs. Any kind of an update would be appreciated….thanks .

    1. These shipped. You should have received tracking information to your email address. Check your spam.

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