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Announcing New Signings

Hi Friends,

A lot to be excited about in 2021 and these forthcoming signed books!

First, the amazing Jeff VanderMeer has offered to sign Hummingbird Salamander, his new book. Those of you who follow me know of my love for everything that Jeff writes. He’s simply one of the best in the business. But this book publishes in eight days. So if you are going to order this book, you’d better do it now. Because I will only order how many copies I need for the release at the end of the week.

After that, things get a little more manageable. Here is a list of all books that I just added:

Pretty exciting line-up, huh? These writers are all amazing and it feels like a perfect storm having them on The Signed Page at the same time. There are some others that will be added later this year when we get closer to their late-year publication dates.

A REMINDER THOUGH: If you order books on the same receipt, they will all ship together when the last book is signed. An example: If you order Hummingbird Salamander and Child of Light on the same receipt, Hummingbird Salamander will ship in October when Child of Light publishes.

Okay, back to work for me. But yeah… this is amazing. Hope this makes you guys happy!

With Magic,

4 thoughts on “Announcing New Signings

  1. How come there are no copies available for preorder for “The Silver Arrow”?

    1. That’s because I had 3 copies signed in September and I decided to put them up on the website. It wasn’t a pre-order situation as the book has been out for quite a while.

  2. It must be so special to have your own book in your list of signings. Congratulations! And looking forward to reading it also!

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty excited about it. I will have finished copies of Antiquity Grey and Jak Dreadth soon. And Song of the Fell Hammer should be arriving in the next month or so.

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