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New Signings: Patricia Briggs & Robert V.S. Redick

Hi Biblioholics,

Publishing March 2022!

It’s been a while between updates. For that, I apologize. But we are back on a good path now and I have some exciting news to share. First, there are two new signings to mention:

Soul Taken is the thirteenth entry in the Mercy Thompson series. And Sidewinders is the follow-up to the amazing Master Assassins.

Second, I have shipped out copies of the Jeff VanderMeer and Josh Malerman books. Dust jackets are en-route to Martha Wells as we speak. And I’m gearing up for Sidewinders and The Book of Accidents. Fun!

Back to work!


PS: For those of you who enjoy my writing endeavors, I’ve finished a large novella that will publish in The King Must Fall, a new grimdark anthology coming from Grimdark Magazine. I’m really excited about it. If you are so inclined to help back the Kickstarter, HERE are more details!

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