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Concerning Slewfoot & The Wisdom of Crowds

Hi Everyone,

Just a short note since I’m getting inundated with emails asking where customer books are.

Slewfoot by Brom and The Wisdom of Crowds by Joe Abercrombie have not arrived to me yet. I’m waiting like you are. I can’t speed this up. The books are sitting on pallets and there is a shortage of freight truck drivers, according to three difference sources. So I’m waiting just like you are.

Please don’t write me asking where your book is. This is entirely out of my hands. When your order ships eventually, you will receive an email with tracking number. That will notify you when your book has shipped.


PS: It is Monday, September 27th. I’ve received 400 of the 600 copies of Slewfoot. Brom stopped by today and signed the 400. I will begin shipping the 400 tomorrow, starting with the oldest orders first. It will take me a week and when your order ships you wi9ll receive an email with tracking information. Waiting on the others as well as the other books, probably sometime next week.

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