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Terry Brooks Signing On October 25th

Hi Brooks Readers,

The new Terry Brooks book Child of Light published yesterday. This is just an update to inform everyone that Terry has scheduled to sign the books on Monday, October 25th. I should receive books today and, if they are undamaged and in great shape, we will get them flapped and ready for Terry to sign next week.

Once we have the books today, I can gauge what size box is needed and will order supplies. We will make the boxes this week in preparation so when Terry is done signing we will hit the ground running with the shipping part of the process.

Note that I said “we” in that last sentence. Yes, I just hired my first employee for The Signed Page. It’s time. I need the help and you guys are going to love Sydney. More news on that tomorrow or the next day.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience. Terry now lives four hours from me so getting together is a bit harder than it used to be.

With Ink Magic,

10 thoughts on “Terry Brooks Signing On October 25th

  1. I commend you on your communication frequency and your hard work and dedication.

    1. That communication is going to get a great deal better now that I’ve hired Sydney. You’ll see. But thanks!

    2. Thanks for all that you do. Where will the book signing be? And what time. I also want one

      1. The book signings are not public. Terry will be signing in private on Monday, October 25th. Ordered books will ship after that.

      1. I am sorry, but I am partially disabled. TBI most things I c an work out to where I can order etc. but this I cannot understand. I have clicked on the book, done the search, then clicked on the book. I am sorry but I cannot seem to be able to put it in the cart. I would like to order the signed book but I am stuck. Please help. I have ordered with you before. Thanks to a lovely little Lady at
        B&N, who told me about you. You are as others have said doing a great job.

        1. Here is the direct link to the book:

          After that, you click on ADD TO CART. Then go to your cart and checkout. Unfortunately, I can’t help you beyond that because I can’t control your computer, credit card, PayPal account, etc.

  2. Your doing a great job. Very appreciated

  3. Thanks for the update Shawn. Service has always been outstanding.


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