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Giveaway: Dune: Lady of Caladan

Hi SF&F Fans,

2021 is a big year for Dune. The movie hits US theaters tomorrow. There is a new trilogy publishing from Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. And there is a myriad of merchandise items out there.

The Signed Page is carrying dust jacket-signed copies of Dune: Lady of Caladan by Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson, as most of you are aware. Since they have been so busy with the movie release and not really being home all that often, I’ve had to wait to get the dust jackets signed. I’m mailing them on October 25th to Kevin. Then he will mail them to Brian and I’ll snag them from him since we are local to one another.

When I ordered the books from Tor/Macmillan, they shipped the books double-boxed. Which is great normally because it helps prevent UPS demolishing the books while they are en route. But there were about 12 damaged copies. I requested to return them as damaged — and Tor did something really cool. They offered me credit for the damaged copies like they normally would, but then they told me to donate or use them in a giveaway. Never has a publisher offered this but I love it.

So. I have 12 copies of Dune: Lady of Caladan. They are unsigned. They are slightly damaged — bumped spines or struck corners. If you’d like a copy of this second volume in the new Dune trilogy, enter below. Here are the details:

  • No purchase necessary
  • Open to US residents only
  • One entry per person
  • Enter to win by 10AM PT October 27, 2021
  • Winners drawn via a The Signed Page Facebook Live at 11AM PT 12PM PT October 27, 2021
  • Winners will be posted on this page after the random number drawing


  • Paul Perez
  • Tina Park
  • Kenneth Rowe
  • Nikki Brown
  • Laura Winfree
  • Amber DURHAM
  • Ed Lewis
  • Joshua Ellis
  • John Ficalora
  • Jackie Pencka
  • Albert Hoyt III
  • John Sabia

Good luck! And may the Spice flow at the box office! Because I already know I want Part II of that movie.

With Ink Magic,

12 thoughts on “Giveaway: Dune: Lady of Caladan

  1. Thanks for another book drawing opportunity.
    I’ve been traveling a TON this year. Just got back from Southern Utah. What a mind blowing adventure!
    Take care and have a great rest of the season.

  2. Need a new password.

    1. I sent a new password to your email address on file.

  3. My wife is seeing something about a new release of Dune (signed) today. Have any idea what everyone is talking about?

    1. Ask your wife. Ha! I haven’t seen anything today online.

      1. I did! lol She asked people posting what the website was and has received no replies so figured I would go to an expert for an answer!!!

        1. That was your first mistake. Me? Expert? My wife would be laughing and laughing at that kind of statement about me right now. haha

          1. Sorry but not buying the false modesty….nice try though!

          2. Says it was Centipede Press but all are gone hours ago…

  4. Hi Shawn, I received a shipment from The Signed Page today. I was really surprised! I had no idea I had been one of the lucky few to be chosen to receive the new Dune books. I watched the 1st Dune episode last weekend. So exciting! I’m glad everyone is doing okay now. Thank you do very much! Take care!

    Regards, Laura Winfree “With magic in my heart”

  5. Shawn, I received the 2 Dune books today and my immediate thought was “that’s odd, I ordered Brothers of the Wind and just received my tracking number today”. And then I remembered the giveaway. Thanks again!


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