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New Signing: Servant Mage by Kate Elliott

Hi Signed Page Friends,

The amazing Kate Elliott has offered to sign copies of her new book, Servant Mage. You can read more about it on the pre-order page HERE. It is a 172-page hardcover that has been wonderfully blurbed by some great writers and bloggers. I’m eager to read it. I thought you might be too.

It publishes in January, to be signed by February 1st. Since the book is only 172 pages, it is smallish, which allows me to ship the books directly to Kate for signing. That means these copies can be signed and/or personalized on the title page.

Only 100 copies available. I can’t very well ship Kate more than that without killing her back moving four boxes.

With Ink Magic,

2 thoughts on “New Signing: Servant Mage by Kate Elliott

  1. Is servant mage pre order be signec

    1. Yes, Kate will be signing copies.

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