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Pre-Order Now: Kagen the Damned by Jonathan Maberry (Rare)

Hi Signed Book Lovers,

I’m busy today with the official hardcover release of my new science fantasy novel, The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey. But that won’t stop me from announcing a very cool forthcoming book that I think many of you will be very interested in.

Jonathan Maberry is one of my favorite writers. His work spans several decades. He’s been a novelist. An editor. A comic book writer. Even a non-fiction writer. Grim Oak Press is publishing one of his short stories in Lost Worlds and Mythological Kingdoms. He’s no stranger to me. But for today, I want to mention this: He’s written this meaty epic fantasy novel titled Kagen the Damned that’s publishing in May and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Here is a tagline that should catch your attention:

The Witcher meets Game of Thrones in New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry’s brilliant new fantasy series, Kagen the Damned.

This signing is going to be an odd one. Jonathan lives in San Diego. I’m planning a trip with my wife to San Diego. The book and our trip align in May. I thought, “Let’s have a signing on the road for Kagen the Damned.” Jonathan agreed and, while I’ll lose some pool time as I ship books out from our hotel room, it should make for a fun signing.

Here’s the important thing: Kagen the Damned is publishing with a hardcover and softcover on the same date. What does that mean? St. Martin’s Griffin is only producing a handful of hardcovers for this release. That will make the hardcover exceedingly rare. I have to turn in my order to them on Friday this week to ensure we get those hardcover copies. I’d like to order 100 copies but that depends on pre-orders. There you go. The gauntlet has been thrown at your feet.

Pre-order Kagen the Damned in the next few days. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee anything.

More soon! Stay tuned!

With Ink Magic,

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