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Art Print: Walker Boh

Hi Shannara Fans,

Walker Boh has long been a favorite character for Shannara readers.

Well, 20 years ago, I helped artist Terese Nielsen paint Walker for a Dragon Magazine cover. It was great fun working with her. We managed to put Walker on board the Jerle Shannara as he is sailing to Parkasia. And I think the results speak for themselves. It’s a gorgeous painting that I wish I had purchased at the time!

The Terry Brooks Community on Facebook has a robust collecting component to it, with members scouring the internet(s) to find rare Brooks merchandise. That copy of Dragon Magazine pops up often. And recently, someone reached out to Terese Nielsen about an art print of “Walker Boh.” And a few people have already received them, which is pretty cool.

Since I like giving you guys what you want, I reached out to Terese about producing however many art prints we need to help you collectors. And even if you aren’t a collector but what this gorgeous print on your wall, well, now you can make that happen! The Signed Page is accepting pre-orders for an archival-quality 17″x22″ art print of Walker Boh. Terese will sign and Terry will sign, making the art print… wait for it… double-signed!

So pre-order now. And we’ll get this going.

With Druid Magic,

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