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Update: Assassin’s Apprentice Issues #1-3

Hi Robin Hobb Fans,

A quick update here just to be fully transparent about how the next few weeks will go. I’m getting inundated with emails from people with the same question, so I’d better make a blanket email to answer as many people as possible before they write me.

Issue #3 of the Assassin’s Apprentice comic book adaptation published yesterday. I received my copies as planned. Robin will be stopping by to drop off signed copies of Issue #2, and then she’ll take copies of Issue #3 with her back home to sign those. Unfortunately, Robin got sick with COVID and she couldn’t pick them up the next day as originally planned. She will be picking them up on March 9th and it will take her about two weeks to sign. Then I’ll begin shipping in late-March.

In short, all will be fine. We just need time to get it all done. I’ll update social media once I receive signed copies of Issues #1-3 in.

Best Wishes,

4 thoughts on “Update: Assassin’s Apprentice Issues #1-3

  1. Thanks for the update!

  2. Whenever you get them will be/should be fine with everyone. Signed copies of ANYTHING don’t get done in a heartbeat. People have lives. Authors and non-authors. You would think people ordering anything from you should know that by now.

    1. Dorothy are you psychic? It’s almost as if you knew that we are having our septic drainfield’ dug up this week! Your patience is deeply appreciated.

  3. Super 🤩 je suis pressée de les recevoir !

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