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Update: Kate Elliott & Robin Hobb

Hi Everyone,

This is an update about The Keeper’s Six signed by Kate Elliott and Issues #1-3 of Assassin’s Apprentice signed by Robin Hobb.

I have shipped copies of The Keeper’s Six to Kate Elliott. I’m sure she will get them soon, sign, and return with amazing speed. I hope to have these shipped out in the next two weeks as long as I get them back. More news on that when it happens.

First off, everything is fine with Robin Hobb’s signing. Well, mostly fine. After family matters and a COVID diagnosis got in the way for Robin to sign, I got shingles and also got COVID. It’s been really frustrating, as I’m only one person. I don’t have a team to ship for me. So this has slowed things down.

The good news? Robin has signed all issues #1-3 and I have them back in my possession. That’s the good news. The not-good news? Diamond Distributors — who I order the comic books and bags/boards from — has run out of bags. I have 1000 boards sitting here without bags to put them in. And since I believe strongly that every comic book that leaves me should be bagged & boarded for protection, this too has delayed the shipping. Considering that I ordered the boards and bags back on February 23rd, I wrote Diamond yesterday asking for an update when they will ship. Hopefully they will get that resolved soon.

In short, you will be getting your Issues #1-3. Just later than planned due to life getting in the way.

If you have any questions or if you want a refund, just ask. I’m always around.


5 thoughts on “Update: Kate Elliott & Robin Hobb

  1. Thank you Shawn…..not a problem, get well soon, best wishes!

  2. Any update on this?


    1. The update was from 6 days ago. Not a lot can happen in that time. I know Kate has the books and she’s signing. She’ll mail them back tomorrow. When it comes to the Robin Hobb comic books, still waiting on bags.

  3. Thank you so much for the updates. I really hope things calm down for you. Life happens and your health should be a lot more important anyway. I am sure that anyone with a heart would prefer you take your time and things start getting better. The comic books can wait. Besides, unforseen things happen all the time. We can only control so much. At the end of the day, they are just things, and it’s not like we will never get them.

  4. Not a problem, take care of yourself!

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