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Update: Robin Hobb #1-3 Comics & Fonda Lee

Hey Fitz & Roc Fans,

Some good and bad news, I’m afraid.

The good first. This morning, I received a box of 1000 comic book bags. I ordered 1500, so I’m still short 500, but at least I can begin getting 300 or so full sets of Assassin’s Apprentice #1-3 out the door and into eager hands. I will spend this week putting the boards into the bags — something that takes a while at that amount — and will begin shipping out those first 300 sets beginning April 17th. I’ve already asked my rep where the other 500 bags are. Hope to get those around the time I’m wrapping up shipping that first wave of sets.

In Fonda Lee news, she started her tour in her home city of Portland, OR and then continued her tour outside of the Pacific Northwest. In short, she doesn’t visit the Seattle area until the end of her tour, which will be April 21st. This is 10 days after release of the book. If you can’t wait that long and wish to buy the book elsewhere, simply write me an email requesting a refund. No worries!

Okay, back to work for me. Gotta get these bags and boards put together while I answer question on my Kickstarter for my new fantasy novel, The King-Killing Queen! It’s doing well. Thank you to anyone and everyone who has backed it already! Robin Hobb and Terry Brooks are both reading it right now…

And I’m… fretting.

With Magic,

The latest Stretch Goal met on the Kickstarter: A tarot card!

2 thoughts on “Update: Robin Hobb #1-3 Comics & Fonda Lee

  1. Sorry to hear all the issues you’ve had around getting the farseer comics out. Are you still planning on getting the second bundle (4-6) our next month or is that more likely later down the line?

    1. It depends on life situations at the Hobb residence. I’ll have the comic books in. Just depends on Robin’s time and her hand. Fingers crossed.

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