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The Signed Kickstarter

Hi Everyone,

A quick update here on a busy Friday.

As I am about to head to The Signed Page shipping area and begin today’s work on the Robin Hobb comic books #1-3, I thought I’d share some news that might interest some of you. My new Kickstarter is off to a rousing start, likely thanks to many of you. Since it is doing well, we’ve opened up a number of Stretch Goals that either make the books nicer or add additional merchandise items to every order. Yesterday, we revealed the next one, a good one.

Which one was it? The regular hardcovers of The King-Killing Queen and The Briar-Sword Monk could be signed by me! The Signed & Numbered, Signed & Lettered, and Signed & Rare books were already going to be signed by me. But now, with just a few more pledges, ALL books will be.

And since you are on The Signed Page, I thought that little bit of news might be of interest to you. We will get to this goal today or tomorrow, I’d imagine. So it is happening. But it will happen faster with your aid.

Also, your name will be printed into my book with the Kickstarter’s other backers. Which is kinda cool. Here are the two tiers that will be affected by reaching the new Stretch Goal:

As of right now, due to already-reached Stretch Goals, these regular hardcovers will have acid-free paper, cloth boards, the dust jackets have embossed titles, and the black and white world map will be included in The King-Killing Queen. Also, if you back one of these, you will receive a Sylvie bookmark as well as the King-Killing Queen tarot card! Let’s open some more Stretch Goals to improve these even more!

Thanks for backing my Kickstarter and/or sharing it online. It means a lot!

Best Magical Wishes,

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