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On Monday: The King-Killing Queen ARC

Hi Everyone,

A quick note. On Monday at 11AM PT, I’ll be posting ARCs of The King-Killing Queen up for sale. They will be $50 and signed by me. There will only be 25 of them. In this way, I pay off the print run for the ARCs as well as offer them to people who are worried about their luck in the Goodreads Giveaway HERE. Only 3 days left for that last bit, by the way. And finally, the KKQ Kickstarter is wrapping up in a few days. All stretch goals revealed now. Click HERE to visit that page and see what’s been happening! Pledge now if you haven’t.

Also, on Monday, I’ll be offering my remaining Lettered Edition copies of Song of the Fell Hammer. These will be PCs (Publisher PROOF Copies). There will be two different versions: a $150 edition that comes with a clamshell, and a $100 edition without the clamshell.

Good luck!

Happy Friday,

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