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The King-Killing Queen Kickstarter Ends Soon

Hi Everyone,

You all love signed books. That’s why you follow The Signed Page.

Well, this is my last pitch to you, true magic believer, because my signed-book Kickstarter ends in about 1/2 hour. The King-Killing Queen is a high fantasy story. It is a perfect place for you to read my work if you haven’t already. Readers who enjoy Terry Brooks or Brandon Sanderson will likely like it, in my opinion. And of course, there is The Briar-Sword Monk graphic novel and short story combo, which is a Kickstarter exclusive!

A lot of the stretch goals have opened up, either upgrading the books or adding cool swag to physical pledges. Now is the time if you are so inclined: Pledge HERE now! Also, those people who pledge get their names put into a Kickstarter Backer Appendix at the back of the book, which is pretty cool!

Thank you for supporting me over the years. I wouldn’t be able to do this with you!

With Magic,

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