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Update: Kate Elliott & Robin Hobb

Hi Everyone,

This is an update about The Keeper’s Six signed by Kate Elliott and Issues #1-3 of Assassin’s Apprentice signed by Robin Hobb.

I have shipped copies of The Keeper’s Six to Kate Elliott. I’m sure she will get them soon, sign, and return with amazing speed. I hope to have these shipped out in the next two weeks as long as I get them back. More news on that when it happens.

First off, everything is fine with Robin Hobb’s signing. Well, mostly fine. After family matters and a COVID diagnosis got in the way for Robin to sign, I got shingles and also got COVID. It’s been really frustrating, as I’m only one person. I don’t have a team to ship for me. So this has slowed things down.

The good news? Robin has signed all issues #1-3 and I have them back in my possession. That’s the good news. The not-good news? Diamond Distributors — who I order the comic books and bags/boards from — has run out of bags. I have 1000 boards sitting here without bags to put them in. And since I believe strongly that every comic book that leaves me should be bagged & boarded for protection, this too has delayed the shipping. Considering that I ordered the boards and bags back on February 23rd, I wrote Diamond yesterday asking for an update when they will ship. Hopefully they will get that resolved soon.

In short, you will be getting your Issues #1-3. Just later than planned due to life getting in the way.

If you have any questions or if you want a refund, just ask. I’m always around.


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Pre-Order Now: The Druid of Shannara

Hi Everyone,

Today is the day. For Shannara fans, at least!

Because today started the pre-order period for The Druid of Shannara Special Editions along with Shannara merchandise (art portfolio, coin set, etc.). You can find the $50 regular and signed hardcover, the $200 Signed & Numbered hardcover, and the $50 S&N slipcase on the website HERE. Along with the merch too. If you want the slipcase for the S&N, be sure to order it on the same receipt to save on shipping.

I will match S&N numbers of The Scions of Shannara to the S&N edition of Druid. No worries about that.

For those of you who love collecting regular hardcovers that are usually on The Signed Page, Terry signed regular hardcover copies of The Scions of Shannara and Indomitable. They are available for order and shipping now and are quite gorgeous, in my unbiased opinion. Ha. And The Druid of Shannara will also have a regular hardcover that’s signed by Terry too so you can complete the matching, 4-book set of The Heritage of Shannara series as we celebrate it’s 30th anniversary.

If you have any questions, do ask. I’ll be shipping books out tomorrow for those of you who ordered over the last three weeks. FYI.

With Magic,


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Update: Assassin’s Apprentice Issues #1-3

Hi Robin Hobb Fans,

A quick update here just to be fully transparent about how the next few weeks will go. I’m getting inundated with emails from people with the same question, so I’d better make a blanket email to answer as many people as possible before they write me.

Issue #3 of the Assassin’s Apprentice comic book adaptation published yesterday. I received my copies as planned. Robin will be stopping by to drop off signed copies of Issue #2, and then she’ll take copies of Issue #3 with her back home to sign those. Unfortunately, Robin got sick with COVID and she couldn’t pick them up the next day as originally planned. She will be picking them up on March 9th and it will take her about two weeks to sign. Then I’ll begin shipping in late-March.

In short, all will be fine. We just need time to get it all done. I’ll update social media once I receive signed copies of Issues #1-3 in.

Best Wishes,