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Update: Tad Williams Signing

Tad Williams will be signing The Heart of What Was Lost in the next two weeks. I will ship the books to him for signing next week and I hope to have them back by the first week of March.

That means if you want a personalized copy, now is the time to order one. Because once I ship the books to Tad, the personalization option will disappear.

Osten Ard awaits!


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Update: Robin Hobb Books

Sometimes signings don’t go as planned because life gets in the way.

When Robin Hobb offered to personalize 25 sets of her Farseer trilogy, the books were going to be published and sent to me in December. That did not happen, which has pushed back the signing. I received the books three weeks ago finally but Robin had to wait until she had finished her edits on her book. Then a snowstorm hit, pushing us even farther back, to the point I didn’t have time to ship the books out before having to go on a business trip with my wife.

The books are signed. They will ship out next week when we return home. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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Starting 2017 Signings Off Right

2017 is here and with it forthcoming signed books!

To give you all an additional resource on The Signed Page, I have created a new website page titled Signing Dates, featuring forthcoming 2017 signings and their scheduled dates. This will help you keep track at a glance what books are being signed and on what dates.

For 2017, below is a list of authors either stopping by The Signed Page or signing books through the mail:

The pre-order periods for these books are now live. It looks like 2017 is already starting off right!

More news soon. Stay tuned!