Long-Awaited Sale: The Heritage of Shannara

Long-Awaited Sale: The Heritage of Shannara

Dear Shannara Fans,

The Druid of Shannara Special Editions published and shipped last year. Since number and letter rights were tied to The Scions of Shannara Special Editions, those owner of the first book in the Heritage series had a certain amount of time to order their matching numbers and/or letters before the remaining copies would be made available to the public.

Enough time has passed that I feel comfortable offering not only the remaining numbers and letters for the three various editions (Limited, Lettered, and Rare), but also it is time to sell the strange damages and defective copies that I've accrued while going through stock.

Here are the items that will be made available and the links will work on Monday, April 29th at 2PM ET / 11AM PT:



PROOF COPIES (labled with "PC" when applicable, no future rights)

I think all of that is pretty self-explanatory, though if you have a question about anything other than what a specific damaged book looks like, I can certainly help. I will also have 60 like-new copies of Street Freaks available, which Terry just signed today.

These will go on sale Monday, April 29th at 2PM ET / 11AM PT.

Let me know


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