Rothfuss Update & New Signings: Robin Hobb & Martha Wells

Rothfuss Update & New Signings: Robin Hobb & Martha Wells

Hi Everyone,

I'm back from vacation and already working hard to catch up. So much to share! I'll try to keep this as short as possible as I'm sure you are a busy as I am.

First off, Patrick Rothfuss will not be touring for the release of The Narrow Road Between Desires this November. He has apparently signed a great many signature pages that will be bound into the book though, and the publisher offered me some of these if they have any leftover. If I receive any, Nate will sign them too and they will be shipped out to those who first ordered until they are gone. No word when I'll know about Pat-signed copies heading my way.

That said, I do want to be fully transparent to let you know that Pat is signing copies of the book over on Worldbuilders for charity purposes. Feel free to request a refund from The Signed Page if that is a better option for you. Click HERE to see what he's doing.

In other news, the Garth Nix bookplates arrived while I was on vacation. I'll be shipping out copies if his new book today and tomorrow. I'll also ship out the remaining signed copies of The Art of Destiny by Wesley Chu, which was delayed a bit because I ran out of bubble-wrap while on vacation. Any books that were ordered with The Art of Destiny will also be shipped if there are no other forthcoming books on the receipt.

And now on to the new signings! I'll be hosting authors Robin Hobb and Martha Wells in November for their respective releases of Assassin's Apprentice graphic novel that collects the first six comic books issues into a hardcover, and the new Murderbot book System Collapse! Pre-order now as these are fairly limited for the interest that will be shown!

Okay, back to work for me. I hope you all are enjoying a good book. Fall has arrived in the Pacific Northwest and that means I read a lot more than usual. Yay!

With Magic,


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