Shipped: The Book That Wouldn't Burn

Shipped: The Book That Wouldn't Burn

Hi Everyone,

Over the weekend, I finished shipping out orders of The Book That Wouldn't Burn by Mark Lawrence that do not include forthcoming books on the same receipt. These orders included the colossal card double-signed by Mark and artist Tom Roberts.

A note on the colossal card. Mark took a poll on his social media about where he and Tom should sign the cards and his readers chose the back of the card. When you receive your order, you can check the back of the card and verify it.

For those of you who canceled your order but want one of the remaining colossal cards, I will put them up for sale on The Signed Page once I receive more bags/boards to keep them safe during shipping. I just ordered those bags/boards and should receive them in the next two weeks if they are in stock at the distributor.

And finally, if you want a reader copy of The Book That Wouldn't Burn, I have about three dozen slightly damaged copies up for sale at $20. This is a bit cheaper than Amazon's price right now. These would not come with a colossal card.

If you have any questions, do ask! 

With Magic,

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