How To Order

The Signed Page has welcomed great authors through its doors.

To learn how to order domestically or internationally—online with PayPal or with Money Order—look below:

Ordering Online:

  • First, have a valid PayPal account.
  • Second, visit the website page of the book you want to order and click Add to Cart. As you are placing your order, be sure to include whether or not you want a Personalized copy of the book by adding the name in the space given. Multiple books may be ordered and placed in the Shopping Cart for a single, multiple book purchase to save on shipping.
  • Note: If multiple books are ordered on the same receipt, they will be shipped together when the last book of the order is signed.
  • Third, estimate your shipping charge by entering in your zip/postal code and country.
  • Click Update Subtotal and proceed to checkout.
  • If you already have an account, Login to Your Account.
  • If you don’t have an account, Simply Fill Out the Fields!
  • The Signed Page now offers Media Mail (2-9 business days) and Priority Mail (2-3 business days) in the United States and First Class (7-21 business days) and Priority Mail (6-10 business days) for international orders. Choose which you would like.Note: Customers who order using Priority Mail are not guaranteed their order will ship first. Priority Mail is merely a means to keep your order safer as it travels through the USPS shipping network.
  • Checkout with PayPal.
  • Lastly, once the order is signed it is protectively boxed with packing peanuts/bubblewrap and shipped through the United States Postal Service with tracking number. The tracking number is generated and sent to the purchaser via their order email address immediately upon shipment.

Money Orders:

  • Purchase by Money Order is acceptable with several conditions.
  • Calculate the cost of the book plus the shipping charge needed. This will be the amount you buy the Money Order for.
  • Purchase a money order for the amount that is required, making it out to Shawn Speakman, and place it in an envelope along with a separate piece of paper detailing your shipping address, email address, your shipping method of choice and how the book should be signed (Only Signed vs. Personalized to someone).
  • Mail the envelope to the address located on the Contact section of the website from your local post office. Ask your post office to add a tracking # on the money order envelope. The reason for this is clear—there needs to be a paper trail for the money order. In the past, money orders have not gotten to The Signed Page with the person saying they sent it. The tracking # ends that problem.
  • When The Signed Page receives the money order, an email will notify you of it. The book will be signed and it will be shipped.

That’s it! The new shipping methods should help many of you save on shipping. We work hard to maintain consistent quality and outstanding customer service, and it is our pleasure to help others gather books signed by their favorite writers.

Please contact Shawn with any questions the website does not answer.