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Want Light Bringer Signed By Pierce Brown?

Hi Red Rising Readers,

Bestselling Red Rising series author Pierce Brown is not visiting Seattle on tour for the release of his new book, Light Bringer. That means I have to go to him if I am to have signed/personalized copies on The Signed Page. 

The best place to make this happen? San Diego, CA, since that’s where Pierce will be when the book publishes. I can take my family and visit SoCal to make this happen — but ONLY if enough books are pre-ordered to cover the trip and the time needed there to ship them out.

That’s where THIS POLL comes in. Answer HONESTLY, please. Offering Light Bringer signed and/or personalized, as well as a signed set featuring Iron Gold (Not 1st printing), Dark Age (not 1st printing), and Light Bringer (1st printing that can be personalized). It will help me decide to go or not.

Thank you! Super appreciate this!


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New Signing: Jacqueline Carey

Hi SF&F Readers!

Love as thou wilt, that is your message for this week.

Because today, The Signed Page began taking pre-orders for not only the new Kushiel’s Legacy novel, Cassiel’s Servant signed by Jacqueline Carey, but also a newly-covered trade paperback set featuring Kushiel’s Dart, Kushiel’s Chosen, and Kushiel’s Avatar!

Jacqueline and I have known one another a long time. She was one of the first authors to visit The Signed Page. Since 2002, we’ve stayed in contact whenever we can, see one another whenever we can, and she even helped me by donating the first Kushiel short story — one that would eventually lead to Kushiel’s Dart — to my anthology Unfettered. She is kind, smart, and one helluva writer. If you love Robin Hobb’s characters and the wordsmithery of Tad Williams, then Jacqueline’s work is for you.

No, you probably don’t have to read the first trilogy to read Cassiel’s Servant. I’m betting the new book is a perfectly acceptable place to start Jacqueline’s work. But I highly recommend these wonderful epic fantasy novels in their totality. They are rich in diversity and culture, are wonderfully written, stretch the boundaries of what love looks like, and are beloved by the SF&F community.

I’ll be seeing Jacqueline in August when the new book publishes. Having the trade paperback set is just a bonus for you!

If you have any questions, I’m always around. Have a great week!


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Update: The Book That Wouldn’t Burn

Hi Mark Lawrence Readers,

Just a quick update here. Letting you know that the colossal cards that will be signed by Mark Lawrence and artist Tom Roberts are in the United Kingdom with those two gentlemen. Once I receive those double-signed cards back, I’ll ship out all of the orders for The Book That Wouldn’t Burn.

If you have any questions or if you want a refund to buy the book elsewhere, just ask.

Best Monday Wishes,