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Pre-Order Now: StarHenge by Liam Sharp

Hi Everyone,

This is an exciting announcement! Especially for those of you who love the Arthurian legend and/or Science Fiction mixed with your Fantasy.

One of my favorite comic book artists, Liam Sharp, has created his own comic book series titled StarHenge. He is writing and producing the art, and the story is very cool and I can’t wait to read it. I am so excited about it that I reached out to Liam to see if he’d like to sign copies of each comic book issue and he loved the idea. So like Pierce Brown’s Red Rising comic books from a few years ago, The Signed Page will be carrying Liam’s new comic book sets and he’s signing them.

There are two sets — Cover A and Cover B. You can buy both if you like. And like I did on Red Rising, I will be shipping the comic books once the first three issues are published. Issue #3 publishes in September, so that’s when I’ll be shipping signed sets.

Pre-order now. I have to place the order with the comic book distributor by week’s end. So the faster your order, the better it is for me to know what quantities I need to order at.

Hope you all are well!


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Pre-Order Now: Daughter of Darkness by Terry Brooks

Hi Brooks Readers,

Publishing: October 11th

Yesterday, Terry Brooks and I revealed the cover for his forthcoming new novel, Daughter of Darkness. It is the sequel to Child of Light and it publishes October 11th.

Did you know The Signed Page started with Terry? The first signing I ever had was for three copies of Angel Fire East in 1999. That’s a long time ago. Ever since, Terry has signed every year at The Signed Page, helping his readers acquire signed books near cover price all over the world.

Daughter of Darkness is the newest book. If you haven’t read Child of Light, I highly recommend it. I think the reviews out there speak more than what I think, but wow, it has done well for something unrelated to Shannara, Landover, or Word/Void. And it won’t stop there. Terry plans on writing a third book in the series, to publish 2023.

Click HERE to pre-order now. There will only be 100 personalizations available. First come, first gone. All remaining orders though will be signed on the title page by Terry.

With Magic,

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Pre-Order Now: Into the Narrowdark by Tad Williams

Hi Everyone,

A quick notice today. I’ll be seeing Tad Williams in July for the release of the penultimate Osten Ard novel, Into the Narrowdark. It is a 608 page behemoth of a book, which will make traveling to see Tad and having him sign the books far more difficult than Brothers in the Wind, though not impossible of course.

That’s right, you just read that right. I’ll be traveling to see Tad. He’s on the west coast and it’s easy for me to drive the 15 hours to him and stop by a book distributor that gets me pristine copies of Into the Narrowdark. The trip takes time and energy, of course, so I’ve tacked on a few extra dollars to account for that.

To order the book signed and/or personalized on the title page, click HERE.

If you have any questions, do ask. I’m always around.

With Ink Magic,