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New Signing: The Name of the Wind Triple-Signed

The Name of the Wind 10th Anniversary publishes October 3rd.

On October 2nd, The Signed Page will welcome Patrick Rothfuss, interior anniversary artist Dan Dos Santos, and map-maker Nate Taylor for a triple-signed event!

The book is gorgeous! The Signed Page is paying for Dan Dos Santos to fly out to Seattle for this super rare signing, hence the reason I’ve added a few extra bucks on top of the cover price. I think it is worth it. Luckily Nate Taylor is a local artist to me, making that easy! And we are lucky to have Pat fly out and do this so be sure to thank him for it.

To pre-order The Name of the Wind triple-signed, click HERE!

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Update: Red Rising #1-3

Now that Pierce Brown is finished with the San Diego Comic-Con and he’s recovered from a short bout of con crud — ick, don’t ever get it — he has asked that issues #1-3 be shipped to him. I shipped them today. They should arrive Tuesday, August 8.

Then it will be up to him to sign the books and ship them back. When I receive them back in, I will update you Brown fans!

Meanwhile, issues #4-6 are up for order now. FYI.



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Pre-Order Comic Books Red Rising #4-6

Comic Book Description:

Pierce Brown’s Red Rising continues with Sons of Ares!

The mystery that is Fitchner au Barca continues to unfold when he is forced to take action to protect those he loves. The weight of his mission is revealed and Fitchner’s past unfolds as he faces the consequences of his actions!

Pre-order issues #4-6 HERE!

Issues #1-3 are sold out.

Note: Red Rising: Sons of Ares is a six-issue comic book series co-written by Pierce Brown. He is signing all six issues for The Signed Page.