Art Print: Walker Boh

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Print: 17" x 22"
Publisher: T. Nielsen
Release Date: Aug 29, 2022
Signing Date: Sep 7, 2022
Note: Double-signed: Terry Brooks & Terese Nielsen
Note: Archival, on velvet fine art paper
Note: Walker Boh!


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Art Print Description:

Over 20 years ago, I helped artist Terese Nielsen create a painting she’d been commissioned to produce for Dragon Magazine. The painting would feature beloved Shannara character Walker Boh, a Druid who was about to embark on a dangerous new quest aboard the airship Jerle Shannara. The painting had to feature Walker as well as the Sword of Shannara. This was one of the first cool things I helped with when I became Terry’s official webmaster and I can still remember all of the emails back and forth that Terese and I had. It was great fun.

When the painting was finished, I loved it. Still do, actually. But Terry and I never worked with Terese to offer signed art prints of “Walker Boh.” It is time to remedy that. Place your pre-order for this now. Here are the details:

  • Double-signed: Terry Brooks & Terese Nielsen
  • Size: 17″ x 22”
  • Quality: Archival, on velvet fine art paper

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3 reviews for Art Print: Walker Boh

  1. AGR (verified owner)

    Incredible art print. I was overwhelmed with the quality and beauty of this art work featuring Walker Boh. Thanks for a wonderful addition to my collection.

  2. Dorothy Raniere (verified owner)

    This art print is gorgeous. Love the colours and the presentation of the subject with the sword, of course. At the framers now getting it done.

  3. Glenn Tharp

    Awesome print! So vibrant. Hangs in a special place by where I read!

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