Assassin’s Apprentice #1 (Comic Book) by Robin Hobb

Comic Book: 32 pages
Publisher: Dark Horse
Edition/Printing: 1st/1st
Release Date: Dec 14, 2022
Signing Date: Dec 14, 2022
Note: Signed by Robin Hobb!
Note: A rare signing!
Note: Also available as a #1-3 set!


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Comic Book Description: 

(W) Jody Houser, Robin Hobb (A) Ryan Kelly (CA) Anna Steinbauer

Until recently, Fitz was only known as “boy.” The bastard/illegitimate son of a powerful noble, Fitz is taken in by his uncle, Prince Verity, who prepares the boy for a journey to the capital to meet his royal grandfather. But Fitz is not a normal child. An ancient power stirs inside him, something that will change the destiny of the Six Duchies forever!

The first comics installment of best-selling author Robin Hobbs’s Assassin’s Apprentice!

“Fantasy as it ought to be written.” – George R.R. Martin

Note: Will not arrive before December 25th.

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