Colossal Card: Jak Dreadth

Colossal Card:
Publisher: Grim Oak Press
Printing: 1st/1st
Release Date: Apr 1, 2023
Signing Date: Apr 1, 2023
Note: A rare colossal card
Note: Double-signed by Shawn Speakman and Allen Morris


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Colossal Card Description:

During the Kickstarter for The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey and The Undone Life of Jak Dreadth, backers opened up a number of extra merchandise items as stretch goals and add-ons. The Colossal Card: Jak Dreadth is one of those.

The Colossal Card: Jak Dreadth is like the colossal cards created by artist Keith Parkinson. This one features the beautiful Allen Morris artwork that graces the cover on The Undone Life of Jak Dreadth, featuring Jak as he prepares for his journey across the sands. The card is also double-signed by Shawn Speakman and Allen Morris. There are only 9 of them left. And when they are sold out, I will not be producing new ones.


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