Comic Book: Dune: House Atreides #2

Comic Book: 32 pages
Publisher: Boom Studios
Printing: 1st/1st
Release Date: Oct 21, 2020
Signing Date: Oct 21, 2020
Note: Double-signed by Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson
Note: Rare signed copy of Arrakis cover!
Note: This is a comic book, not a book!


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Comic Book Description:

The acclaimed prequel to the groundbreaking Dune continues in comic book form for the first time.

Pardot Kynes arrives on Arrakis to begin research into terraforming the desert planet, but the merciless Baron Harkonnen has plans of his own.

Meanwhile, the sadistic Harkonnens brutally test a young slave named Duncan Idaho.

And Leto Atreidies meets with the pioneers of space travel technology – taking the first steps towards his incredible destiny.

Note: This is a comic book, issues #2, double-signed by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson!

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