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2020 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Hi Everyone,

It’s that time of year again! Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

The Signed Page is offering 20% off books and comic books that are In Stock right now (that means no discount for books that are on pre-order right now like Wild Sign, Assassin’s Quest, Farseer Trilogy, Dune, etc. etc.). This is great way to fill out your own signed-book collections or to buy gifts for others this holiday season. The sale begins 8:00 AM PT on Black Friday and it ends Cyber Monday at 11:59 PM PT.

The coupon code will be live during those times and it is: 20percentoff

Enter that coupon code at the checkout phase upon clicking the link after “Have a coupon?” It’s that easy. Orders not waiting on other books will ship out that following week!

Two new additions I want to highlight. I’ve posted Shannara Con copies of The Last Druid signed by Terry Brooks. These copies were signed on a signature sheet that got inserted and bound into the finished book. And I received more signed copies of The Illustrated Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb. While the publisher was sold out of first printings, I found these first printing copies at my book distributor! Woo! So now you can order the full set of Farseer trilogy books (no, I will not combine orders and reimburse shipping as that is far too much work for me to take on right now… I can barely keep my name straight!).

If you have any questions, do let me know. It’s been a tough year when it comes to author signings — no one is touring, obviously — but at least we have these Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals!

With Magic,

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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

Hi Everyone,

I hope those of you in the United States enjoyed Thanksgiving yesterday! I have a lot to be thankful for and you guys are part of that!

On to this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals! Let me say that this deal will last the entire weekend, from Friday through Monday. I’ve tried to keep it simple this year since I don’t have a whole lot of stock on hand. But I think I’ve struck a good balance of discounted items and a free chapbook!

What is the chapbook? It is two chapters from my new SF&F novel The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey. It is the first 64 pages, about 1/6 of the book. I only printed 200 of these. 50 went to Grim Oak Press for our Mystery Boxes there (better click on this link to see those!). I gave away 50 at a recent Powell’s Books signing. Which leaves only 100 available on The Signed Page!

First, you can buy the chapbook outright for $10. Many of you already have the books that I am featuring on the website this weekend. So I wanted you to be able to buy it.

Second, if you want the chapbook for FREE — yes, I said FREEEEEE — you can place at least 2 of the on-sale products in the shopping cart, add the chapbook into the shopping cart too, and enter in the coupon code “2019chapbook” without quotes to get the $10 subtracted off your total!

And as I’ve inferred up above, I’ve put on sale all books that I have in stock. So that’s just another way to save! But sadly, I don’t have a lot of stock on hand for many of these, so when they are gone they are gone-gone!

Happy Black Friday! Stay sane out there this weekend and make it to Cyber Monday! We are just entering the holiday season and it’s important to pace yourself!

Be safe! Be well! Be reading something amazing!


PS: Grim Oak Press also has some discounted book boxes and a 10% coupon off! Click HERE to see those deals!

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Grim Oak Press Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals!

Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals are almost here!

The Signed Page will not be taking part this year. Our stock levels are pretty low. No, instead, my other business Grim Oak Press will be taking part in both!

The holiday season is a great time to offer some amazing deals and give a thank you to everyone who has helped Grim Oak Press grow toward becoming one of the premiere small presses in the book industry. We are continuously working hard at that and 2018 will be an amazing year. More on our big news come New Year’s Day!

Until then, thank you! And what does that thank you entail? Let’s get to the first thing. On Thursday, I will make an announcement about the direction of Grim Oak Press and the forthcoming Grim Oak Shield, our non-profit that will help eliminate medical debt for authors and artists in need. It is time for me to pay things all the way forward. It is an announcement that is grounded in being thankful and I hope you will join me in celebrating it.

I can hear you though. “Where are the real deals, Shawn?” I want to say, “I’m the real deal,” but I won’t say it. Instead, let’s talk about the big events Grim Oak Press has planned for this weekend!

There are FOUR beginning Black Friday and running through Cyber Monday:


This is our big deal for the weekend! Buy over $90 in anthologies and/or The Dark Thorn, and get $30 off. The checkout coupon code is “CYBERMONDAY” without the quotes. You can order 3 copies of Unfettered and give them as gifts. You can order all three anthologies and keep them for yourself. You can order any combination and keep a few and give some as gifts. And still save $30! The anthologies make great gifts. I highly recommend them as gifts. And in so doing, help spread the word about these amazing authors!


This is a no-brainer deal. I have put on sale all Grim Oak Press ebooks down to $2.99. Only for the four days. After you have purchased our beautiful hardcovers with our amazing Black Friday deal, buy these ebooks and fill your electronic library with these widely-reviewed books. More details on this on Black Friday!


I’ve given FIVE coupon codes to several small press mega-collectors and they are in competition to win a rare Grim Oak Press book. Shh, I haven’t told them what it is! Ha! The coupon codes give 25% off individual Grim Oak Press books that YOU can use. Whichever mega-collector has the most coupon usages wins; you win automatically when you enter their coupon code into the Grim Oak Press website at checkout when buying the anthologies and The Dark Thorn. Hunt those codes down beginning on Black Friday! Hint: On Friday, start in the new Grim Oak Community Facebook page!


That’s right! We are also giving away hardcover copies of The Twilight Dragon. It is my short story collection that features four Annwn stories as well as the first three chapters from my next Annwn Cycle book, The Everwinter Wraith. How do you get it added to your order for free? On Black Friday, go to Grim Oak Press’s Facebook or Twitter presences and Share/Retweet our Black Friday post! When you do that and when you place your order, Grim Oak Press will put a free hardcover of The Twilight Dragon into your order. That simple!

I am posting this information early so that you can prepare! I know many of you will be running around and hunting for the best deals everywhere on Friday but this should help you organize your time so you don’t miss out over the weekend. Black Friday is coming! Get ready!

More on Thanksgiving morning! I hope to see you commenting!

Best Holiday Wishes,

Shawn Speakman
Owner – Grim Oak Press