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All Orders Shipped! Feist News! And Reading Copies!

The silly season is upon us!

You know what that means? Gifting people signed books or receiving signed books!

I will try to keep this blog update brief since I know how limited time is during the holiday season. Let me say THANK YOU for your patience this year. It has been a difficult year in the Speakman household. New baby Kael Marshall Speakman arrived in June. Lots of growth for The Signed Page and Grim Oak Press. And lots of issues with books arriving damaged, books not arriving at all, books arriving misprinted, authors getting hurt before their tour, etc. It’s been a crazy one.

With that said, I’ve finally managed to ship out the Extra Page Edition copies of The Burning White signed by Brent Weeks (got some extra copies available for purchase too now, they are on the site). Woot! That means I’m completely caught up with shipping all books, giclees, and comic books that need to be shipped. The only orders left in The Signed Page database are for Smoke Bitten by Patricia Briggs, which publishes March 2020 (if you haven’t pre-ordered that one, do so because it’s great). So yay, done, done, done! Where’s my hot buttered rum at?!

In the first week of January, I will be putting up two pre-order pages for 2020 books. These will include The Last Druid by Terry Brooks (June 2, 2020) and The Illustrated Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb (June 16, 2020). If there are other books you’d like to see on The Signed Page, post in the comments below! I’ll see what I can do!

In other news, I am making available those signed / unsigned copies The Signed Page received this year that weren’t up to snuff quality-wise. These make excellent reading copies. $10 for a hardcover, $20 for The Painted Man? Can’t beat that! Take a look what’s available here!

And finally, Grim Oak Press just received in the double-signed limited edition copies of Magician by Raymond E. Feist and artist Don Maitz! If you love that book as much as I do, head over and buy a copy! It will arrive before the holidays are finished too!

Okay, off to enjoy a book! Can’t tell you which one because I’m sworn to secrecy for a while longer. I hope all of you are having a great December, are staying warm, and reading something great!

Best Holiday Wishes,
Shawn Speakman

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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

Hi Everyone,

I hope those of you in the United States enjoyed Thanksgiving yesterday! I have a lot to be thankful for and you guys are part of that!

On to this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals! Let me say that this deal will last the entire weekend, from Friday through Monday. I’ve tried to keep it simple this year since I don’t have a whole lot of stock on hand. But I think I’ve struck a good balance of discounted items and a free chapbook!

What is the chapbook? It is two chapters from my new SF&F novel The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey. It is the first 64 pages, about 1/6 of the book. I only printed 200 of these. 50 went to Grim Oak Press for our Mystery Boxes there (better click on this link to see those!). I gave away 50 at a recent Powell’s Books signing. Which leaves only 100 available on The Signed Page!

First, you can buy the chapbook outright for $10. Many of you already have the books that I am featuring on the website this weekend. So I wanted you to be able to buy it.

Second, if you want the chapbook for FREE — yes, I said FREEEEEE — you can place at least 2 of the on-sale products in the shopping cart, add the chapbook into the shopping cart too, and enter in the coupon code “2019chapbook” without quotes to get the $10 subtracted off your total!

And as I’ve inferred up above, I’ve put on sale all books that I have in stock. So that’s just another way to save! But sadly, I don’t have a lot of stock on hand for many of these, so when they are gone they are gone-gone!

Happy Black Friday! Stay sane out there this weekend and make it to Cyber Monday! We are just entering the holiday season and it’s important to pace yourself!

Be safe! Be well! Be reading something amazing!


PS: Grim Oak Press also has some discounted book boxes and a 10% coupon off! Click HERE to see those deals!

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Brent Weeks Update

Hi All,

For you Brent Weeks fans, it’s been a tough month, hasn’t it? Damaged books. Misprinted books. Incorrect personalizations. The works!

A little piece of good news. For those of you who ordered the Extra Page Edition of The Burning White signed by Brent, the new copies are supposed to arrive Wednesday, November 27th. The good news? We hope they are correct this time. The bad news? I won’t be shipping them out until December 5th.

But at least they are on their way to met. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they arrive in fine condition! And once I have them and do a quality check, I may have some extra copies for those of you who missed out.

More news on Black Friday! Check back then for deals!