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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

Hi Everyone,

I hope those of you in the United States enjoyed Thanksgiving yesterday! I have a lot to be thankful for and you guys are part of that!

On to this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals! Let me say that this deal will last the entire weekend, from Friday through Monday. I’ve tried to keep it simple this year since I don’t have a whole lot of stock on hand. But I think I’ve struck a good balance of discounted items and a free chapbook!

What is the chapbook? It is two chapters from my new SF&F novel The Tempered Steel of Antiquity Grey. It is the first 64 pages, about 1/6 of the book. I only printed 200 of these. 50 went to Grim Oak Press for our Mystery Boxes there (better click on this link to see those!). I gave away 50 at a recent Powell’s Books signing. Which leaves only 100 available on The Signed Page!

First, you can buy the chapbook outright for $10. Many of you already have the books that I am featuring on the website this weekend. So I wanted you to be able to buy it.

Second, if you want the chapbook for FREE — yes, I said FREEEEEE — you can place at least 2 of the on-sale products in the shopping cart, add the chapbook into the shopping cart too, and enter in the coupon code “2019chapbook” without quotes to get the $10 subtracted off your total!

And as I’ve inferred up above, I’ve put on sale all books that I have in stock. So that’s just another way to save! But sadly, I don’t have a lot of stock on hand for many of these, so when they are gone they are gone-gone!

Happy Black Friday! Stay sane out there this weekend and make it to Cyber Monday! We are just entering the holiday season and it’s important to pace yourself!

Be safe! Be well! Be reading something amazing!


PS: Grim Oak Press also has some discounted book boxes and a 10% coupon off! Click HERE to see those deals!

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Shipping Update: Brooks, Herbert, Hobb, Weeks, Williams

Hi All,

A quick update on the various signings that I have going on right now!


The giclee of Warrior double-signed by Terry Brooks and Donato will ship this weekend. If all goes well, Terry is coming over today to sign. Donato has already signed. So all I need are fancy and sturdy tubes for shipping these beautiful giclees and they will go into the mail as soon as I can get them there!


As planned, Brian Herbert is signing copies of that new gorgeous edition of Dune. He wrote the introduction for the book and I had enough of you ask for the signing to make it worth it. I am planning on visiting with Brian either on November 1st or November 8th. Details on when the signing does take place will be posted here as soon as the signing is finished.


Robin Hobb stopped by two weeks ago and signed copies of The Illustrated Assassin’s Apprentice. The books arrived quite damaged, with scuff marks and some kind of white powder on most of them. The powder will wipe off with a damp, soft rag. The scrapes? Nothing can be done. If you aren’t happy with your copy, do use the Contact page, write me an email, and let me know how you’d like the situation resolved. Either by some money back, a full refund, or another book shipped your way with the same possible issue.


Brent Weeks signing!

Yesterday, Brent Weeks stopped by to sign copies of his new book, The Burning White. This signing was great fun because Brent and his wife Kristi are lovely people. But the Trade Edition books were less than adequate and not up to my standards, more than half damaged even though they were shipped on a pallet to me. Like the Robin Hobb signing mentioned above, if you aren’t happy with your copy, do let me know via the Contact page and we can talk about how to make it right. Some money back, full refund, etc. BUT I WILL SAY THIS! Brent and Kristi did something to every one of these books that they are only doing on their tour. I promised not to share what it is. So you may want to hold onto the book because no other copies in this Trade Edition will have it. And

But that was only one part of the signing. There was that pre-signed edition with the Extra Signature Page bound into the book with Brent’s autograph. I received a phone call yesterday morning from the publisher notifying me that the copies I received might be all misprinted. Brent confirmed it when he arrived to sign, both of us super annoyed by this. I checked our copies and sure enough they are not printed right. Sometimes at page 110, the book skips to page 143. Sometimes at page 143 the book jumps back to page 123. And sometimes page 138 skips to 107. Orbit books is still trying to figure out how they are going to remedy this. They will either print more and Brent will have to sign more signature pages. Or they won’t print the books and I’ll have to offer refunds to all of you who ordered that Extra Signature Page edition. BUT I CAN ALSO ship you a misprinted book if you’d rather have that, since the error makes these kind of weird cool. Just let me know how you’d like to proceed!


After many months of trying to find time to get Empire of Grass signed, Tad and I will be seeing one another on November 16th. I’m driving down to see him with the books and getting them signed. Going to be a long 13-hour drive down and 13-hour drive back, but at least these books will get signed. Thank you for your patience in all of this!

There you go! Some good news. Some bad news. But I hope I clear up a lot of what is going on!

Hope you all are well!

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New Signings: Brian Herbert & Shawn Speakman

Hi All,

Got two new titles to mention here!

I’m super excited to offer the new Deluxe Edition of Dune by Frank Herbert. No, this will not be signed by Frank. It will be signed by his son, Brian, who wrote an introduction for this gorgeous book. And it is absolutely beautiful. Brian has posted photos of it online on his Facebook page and Twitter account. Those photos are below! This is a super rare signing. Luckily, I live close to Brian, so it is easy to get together and sign some books! If you love Dune, this is a great edition to have. Especially with the much anticipated movie coming December 2020!

The other signing is for a chapbook of Song of the Fell Hammer, my first epic fantasy novel. The chapbook features the first five chapters from the novel. Grim Oak Press is publishing the full novel as a hardcover soon — you can find details on that HERE — but this 64-page chapbook is pretty rare. I only produced 125 of them and handed 100 of them out at Dragon Con this year. I kept 25, to put up for sale on The Signed Page and pay for the entire print run. When these are gone, they are gone!

Happy Friday!