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Last Chance: Brothers of the Wind by Tad Williams

Hi Everyone,

On Friday, I am ordering from the publisher The Signed Page copies of Brothers of the Wind by Tad Williams.

I’m really excited about this book. Those of you who love his Osten Ard trilogy Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn should already know everything there is not know about Brothers of the Wind. But if you don’t, here is a little recap:

Pride often goes before a fall, but sometimes that prideful fall is so catastrophic that it changes history itself.

Among the immortal Sithi of Osten Ard, none are more beloved and admired than the two sons of the ruling family, steady Hakatri and his proud and fiery younger brother Ineluki — Ineluki, who will one day become the undead Storm King. The younger brother makes a bold, terrible oath that he will destroy deadly Hidohebhi, a terrifying monster, but instead drags his brother with him into a disaster that threatens not just their family but all the Sithi — and perhaps all of humankind as well.

Set a thousand years before the events of Williams’s The Dragonbone Chair, the tale of Ineluki’s tragic boast and what it brings is told by Pamon Kes, Hakatri’s faithful servant. Kes is not one of the Sithi but a member of the enslaved Changeling race, and his loyalty has never before been tested. Now he must face the terrible black dragon at his master’s side, then see his own life changed forever in a mere instant by Ineluki’s rash, selfish promise.

As you can see, this is an important story. It is perhaps one of the most important prequels to any epic fantasy series ever. That might sound like hyperbole but that’s how significant it is. And for those of you who haven’t read any of Tad’s Osten Ard books, this is perhaps a perfect book to read as it is a good introduction to the world.

Pre-order Brothers of the Wind now. Because when copies are gone, they will be gone like the wind.

Happy Monday!