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Dragonlance & Assassin’s Apprentice Comic Book

Hi Everyone,

Two new items that may interest some of you.

The first is the new Dragonlance novel, Dragons of Deceit. Co-author Tracy Hickman signed copies of the book at Emerald City Comic Con. I managed to get 40 copies that are in wonderful condition and they are now available HERE. When gone, they are gone.

The next item(s) is a comic book adaptation of one of the most beloved SF&F books of all time: Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb. Dark Horse Comics bought the rights to adapt the book into a series of comic book issues. They are starting with the first six issues and, if they do well, they will continue to adapt the full novel at 18 issues.

There are two ways to order these comic books signed by Robin Hobb. Since some people just like to order issue #1 of a series, you can do that. Assassin’s Apprentice Issue #1 is $15 on its own. It will ship in late December. You can also order Issues #1-3 combined and shipped after Issue #3 publishes in February 2023 to help save on shipping. The cost is $36 for the three issues. Issues #4-6 will be made available early next year. All of these comic books will come bagged and boarded to help protect them.

I’ll be placing my order for the comic books in early November. Be sure to place your order soon to ensure you get the copies you want.

Happy Weekend!