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New Signed Trilogy: Warder by Eldon Thompson

Hi Fantasy Readers!

It’s unusual for me to talk about a book I haven’t read yet. And especially in this case for an entire trilogy of books I haven’t read. But I’m going to read them as well as talk about them.

As many of you know, my anthology Unfettered was filled with great stories and very talented writers. I was fortunate enough in my friends to invite those authors, professionals all. And one of my favorite people on the planet — Eldon Thompson — responded with an amazing assassin-origin story set in his Legend of Asahiel epic fantasy series. It was titled Unbowed and the story has been a fan-favorite ever since.

Eldon is a busy guy. He works full time, he works in Hollywood (he even wrote a movie screenplay for The Elfstones of Shannara when Warner Bros. had the rights to it), and he still writes fantasy. For the last few years, he has been writing, writing, writing — a trilogy that is complete and ready to be read back-to-back. And that trilogy stars the character from Unfettered!

Here is more about the first book, The Ukinhan Wilds:

Assassin. Rogue. Demon’s bane. Dragon-slayer. Kylac Kronus has been called many names, and earned every one of them. Months shy of his seventeenth spring, he is already the deadliest man alive. Nothing—be it man or beast—has been able to prove otherwise.

Uncomfortable with his newfound fame following the War of the Demon Queen, Kylac seeks fresh adventure overseas, recruited by a band of outlanders under royal commission to escort a kidnapped princess back to her father, King Kendarrion, ruler of the Sundered Isle. They warn him that, to do so, he will brave tempest seas full of raging leviathans while seeking to evade those responsible for the princess’s abduction—including a terrifying mutant left over from the days of the Mage Wars.

Kylac readily agrees.

But when the mutant proves as cunning as it is savage, the perilous voyage gives way to an even deadlier trek across a poisoned wilderness once home to the ancient Gorrethrehn—”Breeders”—a sect of magi known for their foul creation practices. Stalked by bestial denizens, treacherous companions, and horrors that his blades cannot touch, Kylac finds himself embattled as never before. For the mutant is relentless in its hunt, the island’s terrors do not rest, and not even the deadliest man alive can hope to emerge unscathed.

I am making this post today to let you all know that Eldon has signed copies up on his website HERE! I’d normally have them here on The Signed Page but he isn’t touring up in the Pacific Northwest and he has full ability to ship from his home in SoCal!

So if you are waiting on a new epic fantasy trilogy to read that’s finished, take a look at Eldon Thompson!

Best Wishes,