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Entire Green Bone Saga Added

Hi My Favorite little Signed Book Lovers,

Just a short message here. We are seeing amazing author Fonda Lee in the first week of December, in support of her new book Jade Legacy. Jade Legacy is the concluding book of the Green Bone Saga that began with Jade City and Jade War. Together, they comprise one of the best reviewed epic fantasy trilogies ever written. If that doesn’t interest you, I don’t know what would.

The Signed Page was always going to have Jade Legacy for pre-order. But then I saw that the first two books are still in hardcover from Orbit Books. I decided to order 100 of them. Jade City and Jade War are not first printings, just so we are clear on that point. But this helps people order all three volumes — signed — to look really nice on shelves. Great reading to be had, to be sure.

The Green Bone Saga is a trilogy comprised of volumes:

Once gone, they be gone! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

With Ink Magic,

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New Signings: Corey, Dune, Lee, Speakman, Williams

Hi Everyone,

Summer is coming to an end and Fall is in the air in here in the Pacific Northwest. I love Fall. Great books always publish, the beauty of leaves changing, and of course rainy days made for reading.

I have posted several new signings up on The Signed Page. Definitely take a look. I think you’ll want most of them! I mean, come on: James S. A. Corey, Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson, Fonda Lee, and Tad Williams. And I also posted up copies of my double-signed and numbered book, Song of the Fell Hammer. If you are in the mood for a giant epic fantasy, it’s the book for you.

By now, you know what to do. But remember: Books pre-ordered on the same receipt won’t ship until the last book on the order has arrived into our warehouse.

With Magic,

PS: Peter V. Brett has the dust jackets for The Desert Prince. I am shipping dust jackets for Chuck Wendig’s new book today. And I’ve shipped copies of Sidewinders by Robert V. S. Redick already that aren’t waiting for other books to arrive on their receipts. Just an FYI!