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Shipped: Robin Hobb & Marie Brennan Books

Hi Everyone,

I have managed to ship out almost all copies of Assassin’s Fate signed by Robin Hobb. I still have about 15 multiple-book orders that need to be shipped today and about twenty orders that were ordered in the last two days.

All copies of Within the Sanctuary of Wings double-signed by Marie Brennan and Todd Lockwood have now been shipped.

The 300 boxes should be picked up by USPS today! Fingers crossed on that!

Hope you enjoy your signed books!


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Updated: Full Set of Lady Trent Books Signed by Marie Brennan & Todd Lockwood

Hi All,

The generous people at Tor Books have offered up a full set of the hardcover books in the Lady Trent series! And you can win them!

This is a different sort of giveaway than I usually do though. Since the books are being supplied by a publisher, only those who buy a signed or personalized copy of Brennan’s new book Within the Sanctuary of Wings from The Signed Page will be entered to win the set of books.

The cool thing about this? Cover and interior illustration Todd Lockwood — who worked on all of the Lady Trent books — will be signing them too!

If you’ve already ordered Within the Sanctuary of Wings from The Signed Page, you are already entered to win the set. Any new orders will be entered to win as well. The contest will end May 12th and the winner will be announced then.

Pre-order HERE>!

These are beautiful books. And double-signed!

Good luck!


UPDATE: Terry A. from Illinois won the Lady Trent set! 34 people entered the giveaway and the random number generator selected #4.

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New Signing: Marie Brennan & Todd Lockwood

Hi Everyone,

Dragons! We all love them!

Well, two of my favorite people also love them and they have been working together these last few years on a series of books titled The Lady Trent Memoirs. Marie Brennan is a fantastic writer. Add the talents of artist Todd Lockwood producing beautiful covers and interiors for Marie, and it makes for a great double-signing on The Signed Page.

That’s right. Marie’s new book, Within the Sanctuary of Wings just published and I am seeing her and Todd on May 11th, where they will double-sign copies of the new book. I know many of you love her writing and his artwork, so this is a great chance to get a double-signing book for the price of one. Ha.

To pre-order your copy of Within the Sanctuary of Wings double-signed by Marie Brennan and Todd Lockwood, click here:

Dragons! Can’t wait to get the time to read this book.

Hope you are reading something great right now!