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Brent Weeks Giveaway: ARC & Sweatshirts

Hi Brent Weeks Readers,

I’m excited to share that not only are we in the publication month for Night Angel Nemesis by Brent Weeks, but Brent and Orbit Books has offered The Signed Page a fun giveaway for all of you! No purchase necessary to enter! Here are the rules and details:

  • Items: One (1) Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of Night Angel Nemesis, Four (4) sweatshirts
  • Entry: You can only enter once
  • Location: Worldwide entries allowed (because we are cool that way)
  • Drawing: April 14, 2023 at 11AM PT
  • Where: The Signed Page Facebook Live
  • Type: Random number generator selects winners

One entry will win the ARC. The other winners will win the sweatshirts. Here are some details about what the sweatshirt looks like.

Enter your details below:

Good luck!

With Magic,

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Fonda Lee Signing Delayed – Here’s Why

Hi Everyone,

This is a terrible blog post but it’s one I have to write.

Fonda Lee was going to stop by The Signed Page tomorrow to sign books as planned. I ordered copies of Jade City, Jade War, and Jade Legacy back in October, and they were slated to arrive by November 30th so I would have enough time to get the books checked for damages, flapped to the title page, and ready for Fonda’s visit.

Last week, I received copies of Jade War. That’s it. When I reached out to my Orbit rep about all of this, they notified me that my initial order had been canceled because they ran out of stock of Jade City and Jade Legacy. Even though this was for an author event. Even though I had already pre-sold the books. And even though they had already said I was to be given copies. In over 20 years of running The Signed Page, I’ve never had a publisher confirm an order for copies of a book and then allocate no copies. It leaves me in a weird spot.

Fonda has done her best job to try and secure the copies we need. She’s been great. But ultimately, we were unsuccessful through our various book channels to get the books we need.

Here is what’s going on: Orbit is already producing a 2nd printing of Jade Legacy. They are supposed to be in the Orbit warehouses December 16th. I’ll probably get copies about a week later. Orbit is also producing a new printing of Jade City, to be shipped to the Orbit warehouses January 10th.

As you can see, this delays things considerably, as I will get together with Fonda in January once all three titles are in stock at The Signed Page.

This is all horrible. Some of you don’t like 2nd printings. Some of you will want to find a copy of Jade Legacy now if you can. Here are your options:

  • I can cancel and refund your order. No problem. No worries. Easy to do.
  • I can cancel part of your order if there’s a book you want still.
  • I can keep your order on file and Fonda will sign books in January and that’s when I’ll ship.

If you’d like to cancel or refund your order, write me an email at contact [@] signedpage [dot] com and let me know by Thursday, December 9th. I’ll be letting the publisher know quantities I need on Friday. Otherwise, I’ll hold onto your order until January when Fonda will sign.

Thank you for your understanding. I truly appreciate it. I know Fonda feels the same way.

Best Wishes,

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Two New Books & New Payment Gateway

Happy July, Everyone,

I can’t believe we have entered summer. Even stranger that we are all still secluded and must read to stay sane!

I have two new books to announce as well as a new addition to The Signed Page. The last I will talk about first. Since 2001, The Signed Page has relied on PayPal for the bulk of its sales. Sometimes an odd money order comes in through the mail but PayPal has been used for everything else. That has changed in recent weeks. I added a new secure gateway where customers can use their credit card directly on the site. It has worked out well so far but I thought I’d better make you all aware of it!

Second, the two books. The Trouble with Peace by Joe Abercrombie and Small Magic by Terry Brooks. The Trouble with Peace is the sequel to A Little Hatred. The books will be signed like the first book: on a signature page bound into the book. At least they will match, which will be great. Pre-order now because I am only going to order an amount that is needed for my customers. Copies of the book will be signed and come into The Signed Page sometime in September.

Small Magic by Terry Brooks will publish March 2021, so a ways off. But since Del Rey sent out an email with the book’s announcement and more information on it, I’ve been inundated with emails from people asking if Small Magic would be available on The Signed Page. It is and you can order it now. Small Magic features almost every piece of short fiction that Terry has written until this year. The only thing missing is the short short short story featuring Walker and the Shade of Allanon that can be found in the anthology Unfettered. Terry will sign the pre-ordered copies of Small Magic in March. Only 100 personalizations available, FYI.

Hope everyone had a safe Fourth of July in the United States and a great weekend elsewhere around the world!

With Magic,