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Photos: Soul Taken & Patricia Briggs

Hi Eveyrone,

Yesterday, the amazing Patricia Briggs stopped by to sign over 500 copies of her new Mercy Thompson book, Soul Taken. It was a lovely afternoon of signing, chatting, and frozen yogurt. Patty is one of those people I call a friend friend. She’s loves my wife, she loves my kids, and she tolerates me. Can’t ask for much more than that!

But first, I want to share that I’ve begun shipping. It is going to take me about 7 days to finish shipping these hundreds of books.

A reminder: Please don’t write me asking where your book is or when it will ship. It merely slows me down and further delays you getting your book. Nobody wants that right?

I took a few photos too. Here they are:

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New Signings: Patricia Briggs & Robert V.S. Redick

Hi Biblioholics,

Publishing March 2022!

It’s been a while between updates. For that, I apologize. But we are back on a good path now and I have some exciting news to share. First, there are two new signings to mention:

Soul Taken is the thirteenth entry in the Mercy Thompson series. And Sidewinders is the follow-up to the amazing Master Assassins.

Second, I have shipped out copies of the Jeff VanderMeer and Josh Malerman books. Dust jackets are en-route to Martha Wells as we speak. And I’m gearing up for Sidewinders and The Book of Accidents. Fun!

Back to work!


PS: For those of you who enjoy my writing endeavors, I’ve finished a large novella that will publish in The King Must Fall, a new grimdark anthology coming from Grimdark Magazine. I’m really excited about it. If you are so inclined to help back the Kickstarter, HERE are more details!

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Shipping Now: Hobb, Brooks, Briggs

Hi Everyone,

I hope this finds everyone doing well.

Sadly, I am being bombarded by people asking about their Hobb, Brooks, and Briggs books and why their particular order hasn’t shipped yet. This doesn’t help me. At all. I have 2000 books to ship out, I’m one man, and I can ship out about 200 books a day. That’s it. So writing asking me where your book is only slows me down. As you can tell, I’m super frustrated by all of the emails, over 100 so far. I’m working every minute of my waking day shipping books. I should be done with the Hobb books by Friday — just have multiple orders left. And I’ve done a number of Brooks as well. Briggs will begin after both of those previous two authors are completed.

Some of you may not have ordered from me before. Needless to say, when your order ships, you will receive an email with tracking number to the email address on the order. No need to write me. You will be told when your order ships.

So please be patient. I don’t think I’ve had three major book signings happening in the same week before. Daunting, to be sure.

More soon,