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Announcing: Perfect Shadow by Brent Weeks

A big Brent Weeks announcement today!

Brent has been hard at work finishing the final volume in his Lightbringer series, an endeavor that has many of us readers eagerly excited. But while we await that book, he has partnered with Orbit Books to publish a physical trade hardcover edition of Perfect Shadow, a Night Angel novella that also features the short story I, Nightangel.

Barnes & Noble will be handling signed copies of Perfect Shadow for customers in the United States. The Signed Page will be handling signed copies for anyone outside of the United States.

Here are the pre-order links for signed copies:

  • United States Customers: Order HERE!
  • International Customers: Order HERE!


For the first time in print as a special hardcover edition, Brent Weeks’s blockbuster novella Perfect Shadow tells the origin story of the Night Angel trilogy’s most enigmatic character: Durzo Blint. Also includes the short story, I, Nightangel.

Gaelan Starfire is a farmer, happy to be a husband and a father; a careful, quiet, simple man. He’s also an immortal, peerless in the arts of war. Over the centuries, he’s worn many faces to hide his gift, but he is a man ill-fit for obscurity, and all too often he’s become a hero, his very names passing into legend: Acaelus Thorne, Yric the Black, Hrothan Steelbender, Tal Drakkan, Rebus Nimble.

But when Gaelan must take a job hunting down the world’s finest assassins for the beautiful courtesan-and-crimelord Gwinvere Kirena, what he finds may destroy everything he’s ever believed in.

Find out how it all started in this brilliant Night Angel novella! If you are an international customer, pre-order HERE!