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The Art of Prophecy by Wesley Chu

I loved attending Rose City Comic Con. The readers were enthusiastic and the authors were so happy to chat with them.

While there, I got to know Del Rey Books author Wesley Chu better. We’ve known one another for a few years — and we play fantasy football against one another with Guy Gavriel Kay and an odd assortment of incredible SF&F nerds — but hanging out at RCCC was great fun with Wes. And of course, it was wonderful talking about his brand-new book, The Art of Prophecy.

The Art of Prophecy is the first book in an amazing new series. And like Wes’s earlier work, it’s fantastic. Not only did it garner incredible reviews from Terry Brooks, Naomi Novik, Jacqueline Carey, Robin Hobb, and Peter V. Brett, but Del Rey really produced a gorgeous book. I mean, publishers RARELY add full-color map endpapers to a trade hardcover release. For something like that to happen, all departments at Del Rey had to be super excited about the book itself and the story that Wes is telling. That speaks volumes.

I have a number of signed copies. I also have a number of signed copies that were damaged from the publisher. Every time I discover a damaged copy, I’ll put it up on the website at a discount. In this way, I hope to help those of who who want a pristine copy as well as those of you who might want a perfect reading copy.

This will be the only time I have copies of The Art of Prophecy. Take advantage now!

Have a great week!