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Delayed Signings: Brooks & Williams

Unfortunately, I have some bad news for those of you who like to read new releases upon release.

First, Tad Williams and I are trying to figure out the best way to have him sign copies of Empire of Grass. He did not tour this year as I expected, leaving us with figuring out the logistics of getting 80 big books signed. When I have more information on this, I will certainly update the social media sites as well as this blog.

Second, another unfortunate thing happened. Terry Brooks put his Seattle home up for sale and it sold far faster than we had planned. He and his wife Judine have been boxing, boxing, boxing up a home life of 32 years and that’s not an easy thing to do for book people. He had to be out by May 27th and he was able to do that, but it also left him with no time to stop by and sign before his tour starts. Now he’s off on tour until mid-June. This means your ordered copy or copies of The Stiehl Assassin won’t ship until he signs sometime in mid to late June.

If you’d like a refund on either of these books due to these reasons, feel free to reach out to me and ask. I’m okay with this, obviously. You guys come first. And some of you want your books now to read and can order them from somewhere else. Just let me know!

Best Wishes,

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New Signings: Briggs, Brooks, Williams

Hey Everyone,

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend.

Due to the amount of mail I’ve received in the last week since I posted the other signings, I decided to post the pre-order pages for three more books, all of which are publishing in May 2019. These three books will be bestsellers and I’m excited about all of them. Here are the links to pre-order now since some people didn’t feel like they wanted to wait and order. Ha!


Mercy Thompson is one of the best characters in not only urban fantasy but fantasy in general. She is back in a new story where war is breaking out between various factions of fae and the real world–and we can’t have that now, can we? This is Mercy’s 11th, which says something about how beloved a series it is. And Patty will be signing copies, which means I’ll probably get to drive to her Washington State farm and have the signing there! Woot!


Brooks has long been a staple on The Signed Page, and I’m always excited to support his work as well as help his fans get signed books. The Stiehl Assassin is Book 3 in The Fall of Shannara, the penultimate book to the entire series. I’m reading it now and it’s great. Also, I still have a lot of copies The Skaar Invasion, Book 2 of The Fall of Shannara, so I thought I’d discount that book to $20. And don’t forget signed copies of Street Freaks over on Grim Oak Press!


Osten Ard has a warm place in my heart. After The Sword of Shannara, I bet The Dragonbone Chair was the thickest book I had read up to that teenage point. Now Williams has returned to his epic epic epic fantasy series with The Witchwood Crown and its sequel, Empire of Grass! I’ll be likely traveling to get this signing done but it is worth it. Williams is one of the kindest authors I’ve met and he loves his fans. Plus, that Michael Whelan cover! Sheesh, gorgeous!

There you have it! Three books for May! Now people can pre-order them and stop pestering me about it! Ha!

Best Wishes,

Shawn Speakman