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Like Jim Butcher? Like Peter Orullian? Signed Books!

This is another cross-pollination post for you signed book lovers!

Grim Oak Press has two books that I think you might be interested in as fantasy fans.

The first is the limited and signed edition of The Unremembered by Peter Orullian. It is a beautiful book that is leatherbound, features a ribbon, and is signed by the author. It has been selling for $50 but Grim Oak Press has discounted the book to $30 for a short time period to celebrate Peter’s new book, The Astonishing.

The Unremembered is an epic fantasy in the style of Wheel of Time and the early Shannara trilogy. It’s no wonder Terry Brooks liked it. The Shannara author blurbed it:

“A sprawling complex tale of magic and destiny that won’t disappoint its readers. This auspicious beginning for author Peter Orullian will have you looking forward to more.” ―Terry Brooks

The other book is Shadowed Souls edited by Jim Butcher & Kerrie L. Hughes. It is an anthology featuring great urban fantasy stories, including a Harry Dresden story. The limited edition is clothbound and is triple-signed by Jim Butcher, Kerrie L. Hughes, and amazing Dresden artist Chris McGrath.

$50 for a triple-signed book is pretty awesome!

This is your public service announcement for the day from Grim Oak Press and The Signed Page!

Hope you are reading something great!