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Unbound Selling Out & Unbound II Coming

Hi Signed Page Friends,

I thought I’d write you guys about something you may want to take advantage of if you haven’t already.

As most of you know, I also run Grim Oak Press. We sell really nice limited and lettered editions over there. But sometimes we produce regular trade hardcover copies like those seen on The Signed Page, especially of the anthologies I edit and publish. On that front, I am gearing up work on Unbound II and Unbound III and both are looking like they are going to be fantastic anthologies.

But I know some of you like complete sets of books on your shelves. And some of you might own Unfettered and its sequels but you didn’t buy the first Unbound.

I’m writing to let you know that Unbound is getting close to selling out. We only have about 100 copies left. And once gone, it is gone forever!

Here is more about the $30 anthology:

Not bound, as a book. Free.

Like Unfettered before it, the contributing writers of Unbound were allowed to submit the tales they wished fans of genre to read—without the constraints of a theme. It is an anthology filled with some spectacularly new and wonderful stories, each one as diverse as its creator.

Here is the Unbound line-up:

  • Small Kindnesses by Joe Abercrombie
  • An Unfortunate Influx of Filipians by Terry Brooks
  • Mr. Island by Kristen Britain
  • Jury Duty by Jim Butcher
  • Madwalls by Rachel Caine
  • The Way Into Oblivion by Harry Connolly
  • Uncharming by Delilah Dawson
  • All In a Night’s Work by David Anthony Durham
  • Son of Crimea by Jason M. Hough
  • Dichotomy of Paradigms by Mary Robinette Kowal
  • A Good Name by Mark Lawrence
  • River and Echo by John Marco
  • Seven Tongues by Tim Marquitz
  • The Siege of Tilpur by Brian McClellan
  • Fiber by Seanan McGuire
  • Stories Are Gods by Peter Orullian
  • Heart’s Desire by Kat Richardson
  • The Hall of the Diamond Queen by Anthony Ryan
  • The Dead’s Revenant by Shawn Speakman
  • The Farmboy Prince by Brian Staveley
  • The Game by Michael J. Sullivan
  • The Ethical Heresy by Sam Sykes
  • The Rat by Mazarkis Williams

Note: This edition of Unbound is for the Trade Hardcover. It is not the multi-signed limited edition, though this edition is signed by editor Shawn Speakman.

Click HERE to order Unbound. Grim Oak Press is shipping copies of the anthology now. Something great to read if you haven’t already. And not only that, but it will help keep your shelves organized.

Because I’m telling you right now: Based on the writers who are agreeing to write short stories, you are going to want Unbound II and III. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya when you wish you had the first one to match!

With Magic,

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Grim Oak Super Tuesday Super Sale

Today is Super Tuesday in the United States, a day when people have the honor to vote in primaries and caucuses in 14 states.

Over at Grim Oak Press, Jeff and I decided to celebrate democracy with a Super Tuesday Super Sale! We have copies of Lord Foul’s Bane, Elegy for Darkness, and Red Queen’s War coming late this week and we need to make room in our Grim Oak Press warehouse for all of those new books. Some trade hardcovers and limited editions are on sale. I also decided to discount ebooks for the Unfettered and Unbound anthologies and Street Freaks (did you know this book is available in ebook worldwide now?)!

Here are links for you to click:


EBOOKS (linked to Kindle below but these are also on Nook, Kobo, iTunes)

Take advantage of this. If you already have these, help spread word in the SF&F community! These items will no longer be discounted on April 1st. That’s no joke!

Also, I know there are a lot of Terry Brooks fans here on The Signed Page. Do not forget about your slipcases for the limited editions of Shannara, which we now have slipcases in stock for The Sword of Shannara, The Elfstones of Shannara, and The Wishsong of Shannara. Perfect to protect your lovely copies.

And as usual, thank you for your trust in The Signed Page as well as Grim Oak Press. If you have any questions, we are here for you.

Super Best Wishes,

Shawn Speakman

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Multi-Signed Unfettered Hardcover ARCs

Emerald City Comic Con is two weeks away! It’s where I’ll be having Katherine Arden and Gwenda Bond sign their respective books for those of you who ordered them!

But I’m going to ECCC for another reason. Grim Oak Press is launching my new anthology, Unfettered III, at the convention too! It is a power-house SF&F book of short stories and novellas, filled with many authors who have signed for The Signed Page in the past.

The great thing for all of you? I am bringing our new Unfettered II and Unfettered III hardcover ARCs with me to ECCC and having multiple contributors sign them! These ARCs are limited to 250 copies, are made with high quality materials, and having them multi-signed is a dream come true!

Here are the anthologies and the authors who I’ll be chasing down at the con:

  • Unbound – Terry Brooks, Kat Richardson, Jason Hough, Shawn Speakman, Todd Lockwood
  • Unfettered II – Terry Brooks, Rachel Caine, Sarah Beth Durst, Seanan McGuire, Peter Orullian, Shawn Speakman, Todd Lockwood
  • Unfettered III – Terry Brooks, Delilah S. Dawson, Jason Denzel, Megan Lindholm (Robin Hobb), Todd Lockwood, Seanan McGuire, Peter Orullian, Cat Rambo, Shawn Speakman, Patrick Swenson, Ramon Terrell, and interior artist Kaitlund Zupanic

Click the book title above to visit Grim Oak Press and pre-order your multi-signed copies! As for that green Unfettered III that you see in the photos? It’s an Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive Edition, only being sold at the con at the Worldbuilders booth (booth MM1 & MM2). If it doesn’t sell out, we will make the remaining copies available on Grim Oak Press.

Hope you are reading something great this weekend!