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Shipping Update: Night Angel Nemesis by Brent Weeks

Hi Everyone,

Just an update about the shipping timeline for Night Angel Nemesis signed by Brent Weeks. Brent signed yesterday as planned. It was a lovely time of us talking about everything under the sun. Including how great his fans are. That’s you, by the way.

When it comes to shipping, I’ve started this morning. I’m including a chapbook featuring a 48-page excerpt from my forthcoming high-fantasy novel, The King-Killing Queen (which is also on Kickstarter at the moment for special editions, if you are so inclined). I’m taking care of the multiple copy orders first and then I’ll move into the single copies. This is going to take me at least five days to finish. Please don’t email me asking where your book is; it only slows me down.

More news when I’m doing shipping! And I have some great forthcoming signings to announce soon. Stay tuned!


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Brent Weeks Update

Hi All,

For you Brent Weeks fans, it’s been a tough month, hasn’t it? Damaged books. Misprinted books. Incorrect personalizations. The works!

A little piece of good news. For those of you who ordered the Extra Page Edition of The Burning White signed by Brent, the new copies are supposed to arrive Wednesday, November 27th. The good news? We hope they are correct this time. The bad news? I won’t be shipping them out until December 5th.

But at least they are on their way to met. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they arrive in fine condition! And once I have them and do a quality check, I may have some extra copies for those of you who missed out.

More news on Black Friday! Check back then for deals!


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Update: Red Rising Comic Books #4-6

A quick Pierce Brown update! The author of Red Rising and its sequels has finished signing issues #4-6 of his prequel comic books series, Sons of Ares! I will begin shipping the comic books today and through the week. Expect your order soon and thank you for the patience!

That also means I will know exactly what stock I will have left. So those of you looking for full sets, expect that information by week’s end!

Off to ship comic books!