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A Curse of Krakens by Kevin Hearne (Bookplate)

A Curse of Krakens by Kevin Hearne (Bookplate)

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Author: Kevin Hearne
 Del Rey Books
 672 pages
Release Date:
 November 7, 2023
Signing Date:
 November 7, 2023
 Signed & Numbered Bookplate Edition

Book Description:

From the New York Times bestselling creator of The Iron Druid Chronicles comes the final book in the epic fantasy trilogy that began with A Plague of Giants, about a war that broke a continent—and opened the door to a new world.

Seeker and Sower
Pen Yas ben Min’s cousin was one of the legendary heroes of the wars against the giants until her untimely death. Pen has grown up in her famous cousin’s shadow, but when she’s given a quest to plant the seed of the magical Fourth Tree, she has a chance to step into the light—and usher in a new age for her country.

Fighter and Friend
Abhi’s life—and the world—changed when he discovered a lost magic: the power to speak to animals. After fighting so many battles, he’s weary and longs for home and his love, Tamhan. But before he can return, there is one last mission that only Abhi can complete: to speak to the colossal creatures who wait beneath the waves—the krakens.

Sailor and Explorer
Koesha and her shipmates have already made an impossible journey by navigating the Northern Yawn, at the end of which she secured an unusual cloak. But when that cloak turns out to be the key to unlocking the mystery of the Seventh Kenning, Koesha has to risk everything on another life-threatening journey and hope that she can steer her crew to safety.

Don’t miss any of Kevin Hearne’s action-packed Seven Kennings series

NOTE: The book will not be signed by Kevin Hearne. The author is signing numbered Signed Page bookplates that will be included with your order.

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