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Vampirella: Dead Flowers #1-4 by Sara Frazetta (Comic Books)

Vampirella: Dead Flowers #1-4 by Sara Frazetta (Comic Books)

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Author: Sara Frazetta & Bob Freeman
Dynamite Comics
Comic Books:
128 pages (4 comic books)
Release Date:
January 3, 2023
Shipping Date:
February 7, 2024
All 4 issues signed by Sara Frazetta, bagged & boarded

Comic Book Description:

(W) Sara Frazetta, Bob Freeman (A) Alberto Locatelli (CA) Lucio Parrillo

"When her age-old nemesis finally gives up the ghost, Vampirella is lured to his rural gothic estate of Rookhaven to hear the reading of his last will and testament. There, she meets the manor staff - the prurient assistant, the wild-eyed groundskeeper and his pensive young daughter, and the sinister and enigmatic Mr. Frey. Expecting a trap, Vampirella and her young companion are not disappointed - but they also get more than they bargained for in this thrilling adventure!

Written by SARA FRAZETTA and BOB FREEMAN and illustrated by ALBERTO LOCATELLI, this brand-new miniseries is steeped in gothic horror, complete with a sinister mansion, a mist-enshrouded graveyard, and a bevy of witches, ghosts, werewolves, and ancient satanic magicks. And all of it is enclosed in an amazing assortment of covers from some of comics' greatest artists, including LUCIO PARRILLO, COLLETTE TURNER, ERGUN GUNDUZ, series artist ALBERTO LOCATELLI, and Frazetta Girls' very own SARA FRAZETTA!

Note: There are two different covers being offered on The Signed Page. Cover A is illustrated by Lucio Parrillo. Cover D is illustrated by Sara Frazetta.

Second Note: This is for the full mini-series, Issues #1-4!
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