Shipping Update: Brown, Carey, and McGuire

Shipping Update: Brown, Carey, and McGuire

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday! Hope this week is great for you.

My week is planned out and it involves a lot of shipping. Last Friday, Jacqueline Carey signed books. Then on Saturday, Pierce Brown signed books. And this coming Thursday, Seanan McGuire is signing books. Put together, I'll be shipping almost 1000 books over the next two weeks!

Obviously, I can't ship 1000 books at the same time. I'll be doing them in the order of signings at about 100 books/day. Here is how I think this will go:

  • Shipping Jacqueline Carey books: August 14-17
  • Shipping Pierce Brown books: August 18-22
  • Shipping Seanan McGuire books: August 23-25

I might be able to ship faster than that, but that's a pretty good estimate.

Writing me asking when your order will ship is not the Way, to use a Star Wars reference. It only slows me down when there's no answer I can give but a response is needed anyway. When your order ships, you will receive an email with tracking number. That will be your notification that the order has been fulfilled and is coming your way.

Okay, off to work! Cassiel's Servant and the Kushiel trilogy awaits!

With Magic,

Jacqueline Carey signing copies of Cassie's Servant
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